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"Achieve Tactical Superiority"


We can convert your factory lever action rifle into a handy takedown lever action. This one is a Marlin 45-70 GBL along with one of our custom cases.


Easier for backpacking, airline travel and admit it.... it's just cool!
It's John Wayne meets James Bond!

We prefer Marlins for our takedown conversions because of the strength of their solid receiver but we have converted Winchesters and Brownings also.

The main thing is that they have an external, tubular magazine as that is what locks the barrel to the receiver.

The basic takedown package includes -

  • Takedown Conversion
  • Custom Heavy Front Barrel Band (if needed)
  • Trigger Job
  • Action Job
  • Refinish The Stocks (necessary as the forend has to be shortened and reshaped to the barrel block)
  • Refinish The Metal With Gunkote Or Matte Finish On Stainless Steel

There are many additional options when choosing a takedown conversion -

  • Shorten Barrel
  • Sights
  • Add a Recoil Pad (Recommended on 45/70 & 450 Marlin)
  • Porting
  • Big Loop Lever
  • Scout Scope Mount
  • Custom Case



 The interest in our takedowns has been fantastic! In fact, it has been quite overwhelming and so much so that unfortunately I am suspending new orders for a while. I apologize for this but I can't in good conscious take new orders with such a backlog. When I get closer to being caught up I will start accepting orders again. I enjoy building the tds but they are very time consuming, especially if they are done right and I'm not willing to cut any corners on my work for any reason. Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in my takedowns!


This only applies to the takedown conversions. I will still accept work on anything short of a td.  




Marlin 1894 SS 44 mag with scout scope, mount & Warne QD rings


All of our takedowns are hand filed and fitted. As you can see, it is difficult to see the joint between the barrel and the receiver.
Ii takes time to get this kind of fit and quality. None of the parts for the takedowns are CNCed or mass produced. They are made one at a time for that particular rifle......... by hand. 



Takedown Lever Action

I found a local saddle maker with 35 years experience to make these cases. They are amazing!
Made out of very heavy leather with two lined compartments for the barrel and the receiver and one unlined compartment for ammo, scope, cleaning kit, etc.